Thursday, November 02, 2006

Sneaky Boss

I’ve probably mentioned here that I have had a few bad bosses while trapped in cubicle hell. Well, I don’t have to look far to find more and more examples of bad bosses, some that I’ll admit are worse than mine.

For example, the CEO of Compulinx managed IT services, Terrence D. Chalk, along with his nephew, Damon T. Chalk, were just arrested for stealing the personal data of their staff. They didn’t just dig into the personal lives of their employees…they used the personal data to obtain credit cards and charged $100K against them. They also applied for $1 million in credit applications using their employees’ info. What’s so strange about this is that Terrence was apparently a well-known and respected business leader, a board member of the Westchester County Red Cross and member of Westchester County Business Council's Hall of Fame. Classify this boss as the slimy-sneaky type! As far as I know, my bad bosses didn’t steal anything except my work, my sense of accomplishment, my free time and my enthusiasm for the job.

News source:
VAR Business
via Slashdot

Here’s a different perspective from MabelandHarry: a bad boss is a great motivator and has a lot to teach us. Read on: link

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